Hospital in the Home

Hospital in the home (HITH) provides care in the comfort of a patient’s home, rather than a hospital ward. HITH is an alternative to an impatient stay. Patients are still regarded as hospital inpatients, and remain under the care of their hospital doctor. Care may be provided by nurses, doctors, or allied health professionals, and […]

Delivered Meals

Delivered Meals, along with other Home and Community Care services, aim to assist the elderly and those with disabilities to remain living independently for as long as possible. People may not be able to cook for themselves for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the service is received for a short time, such as after a […]

Palliative Care

Palliative care is for anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, neurological disorders, motor neurone disease and ends stage kidney or lung disease. Palliative care helps you to manage symptoms and improve quality of life. Some people may benefit from palliative care from the time of diagnosis with treatments often […]