Daylesford Surgery

Elective Surgical Services at Daylesford Daylesford Health has one fully functioning operating suite at Daylesford Hospital. Visiting specialists and anaesthetists conduct weekly elective operating lists, allowing Hepburn Shire residents to have surgery close to home, thereby avoiding the need to travel to regional and metropolitan hospitals. General surgery scope of practice at Central Highlands Rural […]

Acute Wards

Acute Wards Our acute wards in Creswick, Daylesford and Kyneton are welcoming, personal and close to home. They provide care for medical and surgical admissions across a large variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions. Our friendly and professional registered and enrolled nurses are supported by doctors (known as VMOs – Visiting Medical Officers), allied health […]

Transition Care Program

What is Transition Care? The Transition Care Program helps people over 65 years plan their care after an extended hospital stay. This short term care is up to 12 weeks (but generally 5 – 8 weeks) and includes case management, nursing, personal care, allied health and social work while a long-term plan is finalised. The […]


Dietitians help people understand the relationship between food and health. They help assess and plan diets for people with diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, overweight, underweight, food allergies and intolerances, as well as lifespan specific nutrition. Using evidenced based guidelines, personal preferences and medical history, a dietitian can develop recommendations to achieve specific health related goals

Palliative Care

Palliative care is for anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, neurological disorders, motor neurone disease and ends stage kidney or lung disease. Palliative care helps you to manage symptoms and improve quality of life. Some people may benefit from palliative care from the time of diagnosis with treatments often […]