Hepburn Local Drug Action Team

The Hepburn Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) brings together local community organisations and community members to prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and drug use within the Hepburn Shire by responding to local data and need. Our LDAT comprises of local organisations including CHRH, Hepburn Shire Council, Daylesford College, Victoria Police and Daylesford […]

Active Living

Physical activity is important for everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing. It can reduce your risk of chronic health conditions; such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, as well as help to reduce social isolation and strengthen social connections. Each year Central Highlands Rural Health participates in Premier’s Active April  by encouraging the community […]

Cook, the Chef and Us

The Cook, the Chef and Us is a Hepburn Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) supported program and funded by the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF). Coordinated by Central Highlands Rural Health, the program is delivered to Daylesford College students. The program aims to prevent the risk of early school leaving by engaging students in alternative education […]

Allied Health

Allied health and therapy services funded through Australian Government Department of Health Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) Allied health and therapy services focus on restoring, improving, or maintaining older people’s independent functioning and wellbeing. This is done through providing a range of clinical interventions, expertise, care and treatment, education including techniques for self-management, technologies including […]

Community Health and Wellbeing

Community Health (formerly Integrated Primary Care) has been shown to have an independent effect on improving health status, reducing health inequalities, achieving better health outcomes for a lower overall cost than systems focused on specialist or tertiary care, thereby making our health care sustainable. Our service focuses on wellness and person-centred care and addresses inequalities in […]

Population Health

Central Highlands Rural Health provides a broad range of health promotion activities and initiatives to the communities in the Hepburn Shire in response to community interest and need. The Population Health Team develop and deliver an Integrated Health Promotion Plan which focuses on key priority areas including healthy eating, active living and mental wellbeing. Programs […]

Speech Pathology

Provides assessment and therapy services for children and adults with communication and/or swallowing difficulties. Daylesford 17 Hospital St T: 03 5321 6550 Daylesford-Reception@hhs.vic.gov.au Trentham 22-24 Victoria St T: 03 5421 7250 Trentham-Reception@hhs.vic.gov.au Creswick 1 Napier St T: 03 5345 9100 Creswick-Reception@hhs.vic.gov.au Clunes 69 Service St T: 03 5345 9750 Clunes-Reception@hhs.vic.gov.au